Have you guys seen the largest incarnation of Godzilla ever in ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’? You heard it right, the latest legendary film adaptation depicts the tallest Godzilla ever in a live action film (almost 120 meters).

After I watched it, I’d say fuck critics and jumped in, head first to hype train and start to relive my good old days of watching Godzilla as a little kid. Of course, like any other lazy-ass, ain’t-got-no-time millennial, I only googled and youtubed some of the good parts and epic battles. I was quite disappointed, naturally, because Kaiju films do get better with technology, as they were drastically enhanced with modern CGI and sound effects. Nevertheless, here are some cool stuff about the Godzilla and its fellow Kaijus that I only realized as an adult.

  1. Godzilla is not a dinosaur.

True that the design is based on several ancient lizards, combined with the modern one. But the name “Godzilla” is actually based on “Gorira”, which means Gorilla, and “Kujira”, which means whale. So originally, Godzilla is not even a reptile. It lives in the sea because it’s a whale, and it’s black, roaring, and protective because it’s a gorilla.

  1. Kaijus are… HYUUUJEE

I used to debate with my elementary school friends, who would win in a battle between Kong, Godzilla, and T-Rex. I just realized that size-wise, I was debating about a battle between a cat, a mouse, and a cockroach. I Just really hope that in the upcoming Godzilla vs Kong film, Kong will grow to the size of its alpha rival.

Godzilla VS Kong
  1. I actually only watched one American Godzilla movie as a kid

…while there are actually 28 other films and they are Japanese! I forgot which of the Japanese one I watched, I remember Ghidorah, Biollante, Space Godzilla, and Destoroyah, while the others were quite vague. The point is, my kid-self doesn’t really differentiate which one’s Hollywood and which one’s Japanese. All I know was humans and giant monsters fight each other, and they were awesome.

  1. Godzilla has its own walk of fame star.

It’s not surprising, especially because Godzilla is considered one of the biggest Japanese icons. The giant represents the power of nature, something that takes a huge part in the Japanese’s way of life. Just like nature, he sometimes takes our sides, other times we must fight to survive. Nevertheless, we can never entirely disregard its mighty presence from time to time.

  1. There was actually a story.

As a kid, I never understood what is actually going on. All I knew was that I must wait for 20 minutes or so to finally get a showdown. Turns out, Godzilla stories are quite… imaginative. I am not saying they are good but imagine this: there are space amoebas, a bunch of Kaiju cults, and Kaiju controlling aliens. Not to mention the issues they brought up, like environmental awareness, respecting nature, nuclear warfare. Those were some heavy stuff, even twisted. And we all enjoyed them as a kid since the delivery is quite friendly, even silly.

Of course, there are more things I realized, but most of them are simply things I found interesting as an adult. I am quite hyped for this movie mainly not because the incredible camera works or amazing visual, but because these are my childhood heroes, and we all have that bias for things we watch as kids.

Sutansyah Marahakim