We are living in the modern era where the fast pace is a lifestyle. We don’t take a break. Even when we are in a so-called holiday, we constantly check the smartphone for work email or catch up on social media. We barely have time to assess or reflect on our life, let alone having a quality me-time. Therefore, it is up to us to find a tiny bit of time among the sea of a hectic life. Whether it is going offline (can we really?) or making a small me-time every day. The latter sounds more realistic, doesn’t it? So, how do we manage to get the small me-time? Simple. Get yourself a morning routine. Believe me, having a morning routine will make your day much better. It’s like zen meditation, but with a perk of tidy room and full stomach (and to-do-list for the organized people). Relax, I won’t be preaching about what you should do in the morning. Sometimes I miss my morning routine too because I am too busy (huh, don’t we all?). Here are four things we can do to make our morning fulfilled.

Get your mental and physic activated
For mental activation, meditation or breathing practice will do. You don’t have to sit in lotus form and stay still for the whole 30 minutes. I believe meditation must be done in small chunks; like eating a chocolate bar in a small bite. Sit on a chair, close your eyes, focus on your breathing. Try it for 3 minutes. The idea behind this is to pause, and let yourself able to think and feel clear. This is different than the actual mental training. Treat it like an ‘on’ switch. A switch that ‘activate’ you in the morning.
For physical activation, people do a morning run, calisthenics, or cold shower. If you happen to have a very little time, stretch your body. Get your joints to do its work. Just like mental activity, this is different than the actual exercise like swimming or going to the gym. It helps you to be more aware of your physical body.

Make your bed
Make your bed. Fluff your pillow and smooth the bedsheet. It takes no more than 5 minutes, but you may feel the change. Look at your tidy bed! Do you feel an achievement?  Well, any little task that takes no more than 5 minutes can give a sense of achievement. It will boost your confidence, and what’s better than having confidence in the morning to start your day.

Have a power drink… or two
Everyone has their own power drink. A cup of strong coffee. Aromatic jasmine tea. Healthy smoothies from locally-grown ingredients. Or a glass of water. For some people, power drink means mood-booster, but there is more than that. It helps to create discipline by standardizing the first beverage you consume every single day. In this way, you don’t have to do something big to have the first step toward discipline.

Design your day
Write down what to do, who to meet, what to experience. Rewrite the short term and long term life goals. True that you might not always get what you want, especially when talking about what you aim to experience. But by writing it down and designing the tasks, it gives you a sense of control even before actually doing them. All of these things can be overwhelming, and you will soon find they are not the easiest thing to do (no shortcut either!). The first few days or weeks might be easier, but to change them into an effortless habit takes a whole new resilience. Even for myself. I have not been able to practice all of them. The trick is not to do all of them at once, but rather do a few things and let it be the foundation for the other activities. With the right routine, these activities will turn into habits, and you will find yourself unable to live without doing your morning routine.

Cheers from the pod member,
Sutansyah Marahakim