Love is a rather risky subject due to its broad interpretation yet vague definition. Not to mention it is being overused by preteens to validate a lack of creativity in expressions and behavior. Nevertheless, Love is a powerful force that cannot be entirely understood by us, and its unfathomable potential really intrigues me. So I think about aspects of love that I know, and those that I don’t know.

Here are 13 aspects of love I manage to grasp, and that one thing I still cannot understand.

  1. It is mythologically catastrophic.

Many mythological wars are fought because of war. From the Trojan war to Mahabharata, they all started because of love.

  1. Eros, Agape, Philia, and Storge.

Are various Greek words for love. Eros is sexual love (Yet in case of platonic, it’s simply an appreciation of beauty), Agape is divine love (to and from God), Philia is friendly and loyalty love, while Storge is parental and/or nationalistic love.

  1. You don’t love “because…”, you love “despite…”

Faulkner’s words describe what I always felt about love. If you adhere something because of certain virtues, its infatuation, not love.

  1. Love changes you.

Though I do not have the most resolute personality (My interest can actually be altered through a single movie), love does change me permanently. Its because when you love something, your personality will try to match and resonate with the subject, and you will turn into a version of yourself that the love needs.

  1. Love is a verb.

You might know it as a song by John Mayer, but it is first coined by Stephen Covey. You cannot feel love without working on it, so does the one you hope will love you back. It is a two-way thing, really.

  1. It is not about what you think.

We can try to grasp the biological process, even the psychological causes, but love is not about these overly critical approaches.

  1. Lost of love causes great(est) misery.

I personally felt this extreme nauseousness that cannot be vomited during such loss. Turns out the stress level of losing someone you love, especially a mate, exceeds many other stressful events like being jailed or becoming severely ill. You can read it here

  1. It is one of that weird thing that actually increases the more you give out.

Although it works differently on different occasions, If you want to feel more love, all you have to do is love more.

  1. Men are crazier when it comes to love.

Three out of four suicides over love are done by men. Hmmm…

  1. Knows no boundaries.

Men love women, men love men, women love women, you love your pet, you love your job, you love your Sunday morning routine, you love your mother, you love that rag which is barely even a shirt, and you love your movie stars. We can love anything that we want, and in my opinion, nobody has the right to say otherwise.

  1. There are so many pop songs about it.

Yep. like 97% of them.

  1. It’s about attachment.

No matter how romantic it sounds to “let go of someone you truly love”, Love craves for a union. If he/she said that she better off without you and you accept the proposition, at least one of you no longer feeling the love you knew.

  1. It doesn’t have to go both ways.

The saddest part of love is it’s a lonely feeling. You can feel the love given to you and try to show how much you love, but there is no guarantee that you can express the entire magnitude. You can even love someone without he or she even know.

As for the last thing that I still cannot comprehend.

It’s definition itself.

What IS love?

Sure you can google it and find billions of answers.

But as I read 5 billions of them (Of course not, I read 5), none of these definitions satisfy me. I also read at least twenty books, listen to two hundred songs and watch one hundred movies going on and on about different kinds of love, and still indecisively confused about what it actually means. Maybe because its something you felt, like feeling cold, or tasting sweet. It cannot be defined and actually pictured. We can only accept and enjoy that umami is umami and moist is moist.

But love is slightly more complicated than other feelings, which makes it harder to simply accept love. Its complexity also births various point of views, resulting in different outcomes of relationships, and creates exciting and unpredictable occurrences.

Sutansyah Marahakim