Angel of savoring. Queen of confidence.

What do you think about the performance of the aspiring girl groups that you keep seeing everywhere; in billboards, Youtube, or even the television? Then, what if I offer you the performance of another girl group which God put little extra weight on? Some people would agree that it will spark larger excitement, but some people might not.

Let’s focus on the people who agree!

I present you Big Angel, Japanese Girl Group which consist of 5 fatty girls. With their average height of 150-160 cm, they weighed from 60 to 100 kilograms. Do I seem rude referring to them as fatty? Keep reading and you might change that point of view after.

Big Angel is not the first plus-sized girl group assembled in Japan. This is proof that some people have now realized the faulty of their bizarre concept of Cinderella Weight with a BMI of 18 which is lower than the ideal BMI of 18.5 to 24.9 range. However, rather than keep discussing facts and numbers, it would be lovely to also hear about Big Angel’s concept.


There were five angels who fell from the above land because they eat too much and can no longer hold their own weight to fly. Thus, having fallen to the earth, they learn to sing and dance. So that they would lose weight and be able to ascend back to heaven, where they belong. The end.

No, they’re not here to encourage you to eat until you overweight. These angels do feel guilty for eating at a late hour at night. They do feel worried that it might affect their performance and health. However, in one of their interviews, they admit that they preferred to be represented as fat or overweight girls as their purpose to perform is (besides to eventually lose weight and fly back to heaven) to also ease the frustration of those who are overweight. Nothing wrong with the concept of loving yourself as the way you are now, but it is equally fair to be wanting to change something in you, such as losing weight.

Sometimes in Instagram comment sections, in a picture of a plus-sized person, many can feel that pointed fingers pressured more heavily than the weight itself; calling them unhealthy and all. But, come on, in this era of the fast-food restaurant, (second-hand) smoking, vape, and gorengan, who is healthy enough that they have the right to call out how other people live? Having fat is normal and being called fat is not supposed to be bad. Big Angel represents, not new, but reliable way of viewing current rules and norms in society; that being fat does not give enough reason to turn them into a victim of body-shame.

Big Angel has their take on building the confidence, especially of the woman, the majority of Big Angel’s fans. There will be people who still think that Big Angel concept is unacceptable, not relatable, and a bit overrated, but Big Angel sticks to their fans who are supportive and positive. They are God-sent that were not here to justify that unhealthy life is tolerable, but they let you ask yourself, “Can you see from a different and bigger angle just like Big Angels?”

Leon Munandar